Dear Hiway Member,

Last week, we shared with you some ways fraudsters are taking advantage of people’s understandable fears and uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic. While some of these scams are new, we are also seeing a return to an older, more common scam: call spoofing. This is where a caller or texter fakes the Caller ID details that appear on your phone, making the call/text appear it's coming from a legitimate business such as a bank or credit union.  Scammers use this technique to trick their victims into revealing personal information which they can then utilize to commit fraud.

How You Can Protect Yourself
Please note that a real Hiway representative will never ask you for detailed account numbers or online banking credentials during an unsolicited call or text message. Providing your online banking credentials could give fraudsters the ability to move your money elsewhere.

  • Never provide personal information to an unsolicited caller or texter, including: 
    • your entire Social Security number
    • an Online Banking password
    • a Secure Access Code or debit/credit card PIN
  • If you receive a call or text from someone claiming to be from Hiway and are suspicious of the nature of it, hang up and call us at one of our published numbers (651.291.1515 or 800.899.5626).

You can also follow some general tips from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to avoid spoofing scams.

COVID-19 Operational Reminder
Hiway, as a financial services provider, is a government-designated essential business. We are fully operational and here to serve you! Please remember that Hiway branch lobbies are currently closed to general traffic, and in-person visits to a Hiway branch are limited to our drive-thrus. For safe deposit box access, we are taking appointments. We encourage you to explore working with us through remote and digital channels, including:

  • via phone, 24/7
  • mobile solutions, including online and mobile banking and mobile deposit, and
  • ATMs (you can search for ATMs near you, including deposit-taking ATMs)

Remember, we’re here to help. If you suspect you may be the victim of fraud, or if we can assist you on any other matter, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Hiway representatives will never ask you for detailed account numbers or online banking credentials during an unsolicited call or text message. Never provide your Online Banking password, Online Banking Secure Access Code or debit/credit card PIN to a caller.

This is an automated message that is unable to receive replies. We're happy to answer any questions you may have on our Contact Form.