Dear Hiway Member,

The first of the month can bring with it a number of financial needs and financial to-dos. If you have a list of items to tackle when the new month rolls around, here are a few tips and ideas to help.

If you’re visiting us in-person, please bear with us
Please remember that in-person visits to a Hiway branch are limited to our drive-thrus, which can mean traffic back-ups from time to time. While we have deployed additional staff to serve you, please understand and plan for a bit of a wait, particularly if you’re visiting our main branch on Empire Drive.

Consider our nearby Fort Snelling branch
If you’re able to take a short drive south, our Fort Snelling branch tends to be a little less busy, and our team will welcome you in the drive-thru.

Go old-school – give us a call!
You can take care of most basic credit union business via phone, 24/7.

Go digital
Mobile solutions, including online and mobile banking and mobile deposit, can also help with most of your first-of-the-month needs.

(sort for ATMs near you, including deposit-taking ATMs)

If you need to access a safe deposit box, please make an appointment. (Advance appointments are required so we can limit contact and take appropriate hygiene steps.)

Help for financially distressed members
We know it’s a difficult time economically – if you need help, we have options for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please stay safe and take care of those close to you. Our thoughts are with you, our community, our nation and our world.


Dave Boden, President/CEO

Hiway representatives will never ask you for detailed account numbers or online banking credentials during an unsolicited call or text message. Never provide your Online Banking password, Online Banking Secure Access Code or debit/credit card PIN to a caller.

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